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A More Reasoned, More Peaceful Way to Re
When you want to resolve conflict, you need an expert to guide you safely through the process. Rachel Green is an experienced mediator, who has assisted hundreds of separating couples by providing neutral ground for negotiation. She has taught mediation to mediators nationally, and is on the Board of Directors of the Family & Divorce Mediation Council of Greater New York.

Rachel Green began ReSolutions in 1995, and has worked primarily as a mediator and collaborative attorney since then. She is an Advanced Practitioner member of the Academy of Family Mediators and the Association for Conflict Resolution, and has taught mediation nationally. She`s the editor of Council News, a greater New York mediation publication for the Family & Divorce Mediation Council. She has helped couples to resolve all kinds of disputes, including parenting conflicts, pensions, small business division, dividing a house, and bringing in new significant others.

Save Time and Money
When you work with one mediator instead of two attorneys, you save money on legal fees and on negotiation time. You have control over the process and don`t have to wait for attorneys and judges to make your decisions. You can use an attorney, as part of the mediation process, to help you to negotiate, and to make sure you know your legal rights. But in mediation, the law provides one possible result -- and maybe not the best one for you and your family.

Improve Communication
If you and your spouse communicated well, would you be separating? Probably not! But Rachel Green is experienced at cutting through the conflict to pull out the underlying concerns and issues so that what is most important TO YOU is in your Agreement. She will help you to come to a new understanding of each other. And then you can take a realistic look at your circumstances and figure out how to shape your future. FOR MORE INFORMATION -- SEE MY WEBSITE --

ADR Practice Type: Mediation, Collaborative Law
Specialty Areas: Custody, Divorce, Intra-Family, Marital Relationships, Pre-Nuptual, Post-Divorce
Languages: English