Preparing for Your Mediation

Preparation Checklist
(and Dispute Resolution Worksheet)

Contact potential mediators.  (See's listings of mediators in your area or with the expertise you need).
  Find out about the mediator's availability, style, fees, and experience.
What mediation training and experience does the mediator have?
Does the mediator belong to a professional organization that has an ethical code of conduct?
What fees and services are included in the mediation?
Will correspondence with the mediator be kept confidential?
Do I need an attorney?
What documents will the mediator prepare at the conclusion of the mediation?
Organize and complete relevant documents, including financial forms.
Fill in the worksheet on this page.
Talk to the mediator about contacting the other party.

Dispute Resolution Worksheet 
(print this and fill it in)

Statement of the Issues:



Your key interests (financial, emotional, etc.):



What you think the other party's interests are:



Ideas to resolve the dispute which might be satisfactory to both sides (What do you need to satisfy your interests? To meet the other party's interests?): 



This worksheet is designed to help you consider potential solutions which address the key interests of the parties. By comparing your interests with those of the other party, and by working with you to further define your interests, a mediator may be able to help you find a solution which satisfies both parties' interests. Also, as your interests become more refined during the course of the mediation, and as you learn more about the other party's interests, it is a good idea to revisit this worksheet.

This worksheet is designed to help you prepare for settlement discussions or mediation, and it is intended to help you organize your thoughts and frame the dispute in a way that helps you resolve it. If you use this worksheet with a mediator, your mediator may want additional or different information. 

This worksheet and checklist is not necessarily endorsed or used by mediators listed on 

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