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Boone, North Carolina
Scott Heintzelman, J.D.


Boone, NC

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Phone: 828-297-6991
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Scott W. Heintzelman, J.D.
Scott Heintzelman is NCDRC certified family financial, industrial commission and superior court mediator committed to the peaceful non-adversarial resolution of conflicts in an effective respectful manner for all parties. Resolutions achieved involving: -Family issues (marital, life partnership, elder care and estate issues) -Real Estate -Workplace -Legal disputes -Educational -Contractual

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ADR Practice Type: Mediation, Settlement Conference
Specialty Areas: Animal Issues, Business Relationships, Commercial, Community, Contracts, Custody, Debt Resolution, Divorce, Divorce TemporaryOrders, Eldercare, Employment, Intra-Family, Health Care, Landlord Tenant, Marital Relationships, Mobile Home Parks, Neighbor Issues, Pre-Nuptual, Post-Divorce, Real Estate
Languages: English