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Karima Karima Mediation Firm

columbia, South Carolina
K. A. Muhammad,CM


columbia, SC 29203

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Phone: 803 735-1513
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Alternative Dipute/Conflict Resolution. We have been assisting in dispute/conflict resolution since1988. Karima Karima, offers online,phone,and and in office consultations. Mediation fees are based on income with consideration to disputant recieving public assistance. We specialize in Islamic Law and issues of muslims.

Office- 9-5 M-F Online Consultations- 9-9 M-F 9-12 Sat. Phone Consultations- 9-6 M-F

ADR Practice Type: Mediation, Online Mediation
Specialty Areas: Business Relationships, Debt Resolution, Intra-Family, Labor Relations, Landlord Tenant, Marital Relationships, Neighbor Issues, Pastoral, Pre-Nuptual, Post-Divorce
Languages: English, Spainish,Arabic, Urdu