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Mercerville, New Jersey
Catherine A. Ross, J.D.

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Contact Catherine to mediate your divorc
Reach a fair agreement without hurting your children. Work with Catherine to develop a mutual agreement that works for both of you and your children too. You discuss your goals and possible solutions. Catherine enables you to talk directly with one another constructively. Solutions are achieved in less time, with lower cost than with a contested legal matter. You choose the terms of your agreement together instead of one being imposed on your by a judge. Conflicts are eased. If you are already divorced and have unresolved disputes, or changes are needed, Catherine will help you mediate so you can improve the future for you and your children.

Professional Background
Benefit from Catherine`s experience of more than 30 years as a divorce attorney plus her mediation training & supervised internship at the Institute for Dispute Resolution at Seton Hall University. She has served for many years as a panelist on the Mercer County Early Settlement Program of the Superior Court of NJ assisting couples to reach resolution of financial issues in divorce before proceeding to trial. She is an accredited family mediator by the NJ Assn of Professional Mediators.

Will Mediation Work for Us?
Yes, for people who want to determine the terms of their own agreement, maintain privacy, save money, stay out of court, and keep their children from being hurt.

How much does it cost?
Initial telephone inquiry about the mediation process is free for each person. The details of your dispute are not discussed, only questions about the process. Fees for mediation sessions are hourly, payable at the end of each 1-2 hour mediation session. Out of session time is payable at the end of the next session. You may incur additional costs for valuation of pensions, real estate or other expert input.

ADR Practice Type: Mediation, Collaborative Law, Settlement Conference
Specialty Areas: Custody, Divorce, Intra-Family, Post-Divorce