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Los Angeles County Mediation Center

, California
Los Angeles County Mediation Center


Los Angeles, Glendale, Pasadena
, CA

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Phone: (213) 446-8701
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Family and Divorce Mediation Services
Families in transition can amicably and equitably address their legal, financial, emotional and practical concerns on a broad range of domestic issues - - - DIVORCE AND SEPARATION: (division and property ·support of children ·custody issues ·cooperative parenting agreements ·spousal support ·payment of debts ·tax consequences ·financial and career planning ·preparation of separation and divorce agreements)


ADR Practice Type: Mediation, Meeting Facilitation, Settlement Conference
Specialty Areas: Animal Issues, Business Relationships, Commercial, Community, Contracts, Custody, Divorce, Divorce TemporaryOrders, Employment, Intra-Family, Labor Relations, Landlord Tenant, Marital Relationships, Neighbor Issues, Post-Divorce, Real Estate, Retirement