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EEO/HR Services - ADR
EEO/HR Title VII / Title V Dispute Resolution is our specialty. Our trained, and professional staff stand ready to assist your ADR Program with quality and outstanding Dispute Resolution Services to Resolve the Dispute at the Lowest Possible Level.

Our EEO / HR Mediation Services are available NATIONWIDE with Associates strategically located in your area.

Trained by the Atlanta Justice Center, Moore & Associates has been providing ADR services since 1991. Our Mediation Training and Certification Program, coupled with our Interactive EEO Counselor Certification Program creates a harmonious team determined to resolve the dispute early.

Dispute Resolution for Managers and Supervisors, and our ADR for your Leadership Team are our two most sought after management training sessions. A key to resolution to have shared expectations of the outcome. Train your team to participate and save time, effort, and increase productivity to get the mission accomplished.

ADR Practice Type: Mediation, Med-Arb
Specialty Areas: Employment
Languages: English