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Prairieville, Louisiana
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Resolve Without Court Now!
Mediate Now will assist you to resolve your matter without going to court. No more waiting months or even years for closure. We offer Pre-mediation, mediation or legal document preparation that allows you to get results now!

Keep All Your Money!
Did you know over 98% of court cases and claims resolve in a settlement leaving you to owe a percentage of your win? Not in mediation the check is cut directly to you! Claims or Cases filed can take months or years to resolve in court. With Mediate Now there's little to no wait!

Private Not Public
Mediate Now gives you privacy. For Divorce, Custody, Workers Comp, Employment Disputes, Family Property Disputes Auto Accidents your matter remains confidential. You get the opportunity to work out your matter through Pre-mediation, Or Mediation without discussing your matter publicly in open court. You get to make the choices on what's happening to you.

Mediate Now Services are Pre-mediation; allowing you to resolve your matter through correspondence for a flat rate. Mediation;allows you to sit face to face with the opposing side and resolve your matter in person without Court and have complete closure. Legal Document Preparation; Our Team of Mediators can assist you with preparing Power of attorney, wills, agreements, contracts, and petitions for Civil Matters such as Auto Accidents, Workers Comp, Property, Slip & Fall. Family Matters such as Divorce, or Custody. Employment to Disputes such as Discrimination, Termination, Harrasment . Commercial Matters such as Business Disputes, Collections, Contract Disputes. Mediate Now gets your closure, privately now!

ADR Practice Type: Mediation, Arbitration, Med-Arb, Meeting Facilitation, Settlement Conference, Online Mediation, Team Building
Specialty Areas: Animal Issues, Business Relationships, Commercial, Community, Contracts, Custody, Debt Resolution, Divorce, Divorce TemporaryOrders, Eldercare, Employment, General, Health Care, Labor Relations, Landlord Tenant, Marital Relationships, Mobile Home Parks, Neighbor Issues, Pre-Nuptual, Post-Divorce, Real Estate, Retirement
Languages: English