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Jennifer Keaton

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Divorce Education & Divorce Mediation
Jennifer Keaton is a divorce mediator in Georgia at 2 Step Divorces, a boutique divorce mediation firm. 2 Step Divorces provides individuals and couples in-person and online classes, such as Crash Course Divorxe, to understand the legal process of divorce and options through it. With solid information, parties in a divorce can make better decisions and negotiate with confidence, control and confidentiality during mediation. Free resources and videos online.

Jennifer Keaton is a divorce mediator whose background involves years of litigation as an attorney following her years teaching children. This background provides mediation parties with a mediator who can help them generate informed options that will help families create a customized path through the transition of separation and divorce.

Seamless Work With Attorneys
Divorcing parties that use Jennifer Keaton as their divorce mediator know that they will have the opportunity to consult with legal counsel before they "sign anything." This allows individuals with "low or no" attorney with them at the mediation appointment to have time to have drafted agreements reviewed before solidifying decisions that can affect their family, finances, and future for years to come.

Cost Effective
Jennifer Keaton charges a competitive hourly rate that is published at Jennifer frequently works with divorcing parties where multiple appointments are held. These shorter appointments work well for some families where work and childcare demands exist and work well for folding in "homework assignments" between sessions. Such homework can involve things such as: getting a legal question answered, getting a real estate appraisal, getting a post-divorce budget projection drafted, consulting a CPA on a tax issue, shopping for health insurance, consulting a child therapist on how to tell the kids what to expect, and more. This pacing has worked well for many families.

ADR Practice Type: Mediation, Med-Arb, Settlement Conference
Specialty Areas: Custody, Divorce, Divorce TemporaryOrders, Employment, Intra-Family, General, Marital Relationships, Post-Divorce