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Judge Arthur Monty Ahalt (RET.)

Annapolis, Maryland
Arthur Monty Ahalt

2527 Lyon Dr
Annapolis, MD 21403

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Phone: 410-263-6163
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Retired Judge Monty Ahalt
Upon his retirement in 1999 Judge Ahalt founded AhaltConsult, Inc. and commenced providing the legal and business community alternative dispute resolution services. Judge Ahalt brings his wide range of experience as a judge and lawyer in enabling the fair resolution of disputes. During his 28 years on the bench Judge Ahalt has conducted over 20,000 settlement conference facilitations. Since commencing the private practice of dispute resolution Judge Ahalt has successfully conducted 1000’s of mediations and arbitrations involving complex business issues, real estate issues, medical malpractice claims, personal injury claims and many others. Judge Ahalt is a certified civil mediator in Maryland and is listed as a mediator on the approved Statewide Panels for Business & Technology and Health Care Malpractice cases and for eleven circuit courts. You can contact Judge Ahalt to select him as your mediator or arbitrator by clicking here or start a case in

ADR Practice Type: Mediation, Arbitration, Med-Arb, Meeting Facilitation, Settlement Conference, Online Mediation
Specialty Areas: Business Relationships, Commercial, Contracts, Divorce, Employment, Environment, General, Health Care, Labor Relations, Landlord Tenant, Real Estate