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Why Hire Danielle Shelton Walczak
There is no better mediator for your family law issues then an attorney who has represented clients in court on family law matters. That's what I've done for almost a decade exclusively. Therefore, as a Minnesota State qualified mediator for over five years, I can uniquely provide you first hand knowledge about the issues you'll need to address in mediation regarding your pre or post nuptial agreement, divorce, co-habitation agreement, custody, parenting time, or alimony issues or existing court orders. I can also provide a unique prospective on how the court views these family law issues when presented to it. All of this knowledge will assist you in taking control back & help you in crafting a thorough mediation agreement that would be agreeable to the court & allow you to move out of your conflict into a new life.

You Can Mediate in Any Circumstance
Most people think that mediation is only for people who are about to go to court or are in the middle of a court battle. That is not true. Mediation is for two or more people who are in conflict, no matter how minor it is, as long as the two people need help is resolving the issue. Mediation through my office is available to couples, siblings, partners, family members & conflict. As a practicing attorney, also, I am uniquely qualified to know the financial & emotional toll un-managed conflict can take. That is why mediation through my office is unique. Because I am as dedicated as you are to help you get a resolution & move forward to conflict free living.

What If Mediation Won't Help
Often, specifically couples facing divorce, will attempt to mediate a "pre-agreement" to divorce (before officially filing divorce papers) knowing it won't work. But they're not willing to pull the divorce trigger because they are unprepared for the process. I have seen this happen over many years in my office, particularly among women. That is why I started Pre-Divorce Strategy Consulting. It takes the fear out of divorce. Pre-Divorce Strategy Consulting is a four phase divorce preparation process that gives you an over view of divorce process in court, along with showing you how to finance your divorce, protect your assets, & gather necessary information prior to any divorce filing by either you or your spouse. Therefore, saving you money in the long run & protecting you from emotional & financial ruin. It happens quite often that once potentially divorcing parties really know the financial & emotional costs of a litigated divorce, they are ready for successful mediation.

Contact the Office
You can get more information regarding my mediation services or Pre-Divorce Strategy Consulting by calling the office at 612-486-2510, or going on my website. Isn't it time to stop living in conflict or in the dark? You have the power change things. It's never too late. Contact the office. I'm here to help you.

ADR Practice Type: Mediation, Meeting Facilitation
Specialty Areas: Custody, Divorce, Divorce TemporaryOrders, Intra-Family, Marital Relationships, Pre-Nuptual, Post-Divorce
Languages: English & Spanish