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R. A. Awsumb & Associates, PLC

St. Paul, Minnesota
Robert Awsumb

2010 Landmark Towers
345 St. Peter Street
St. Paul, MN 55102

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Phone: 651-225-9255
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Bob Awsumb provides mediation and neutral services to resolve disputes involving civil litigation, business and other claims. He is designated by the Minnesota Supreme Court as a "qualified neutral" and teaches mediation training to lawyers and other professionals. He also teaches ADR at William Mitchell College of Law. Bob has extensive experience in civil litigation matters and applies that expertise, along with his commitment to fairness and professionalism, in a manner conducive to dispute resolution.


ADR Practice Type: Mediation, Arbitration, Med-Arb, Settlement Conference
Specialty Areas: Animal Issues, Business Relationships, Commercial, Community, Contracts, Debt Resolution, Eldercare, Employment, Environment, Health Care, Neighbor Issues, Real Estate