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Bellevue, Washington
CRU Institute

16301 NE 8th Street
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Bellevue, WA 98008

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Phone: 1-800-922-1988
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CRU Institute believes that all members of a school community can effectively resolve conflict using conflict mediation. That is why CRU%a%s program includes training for faculty, administrators, peer mediators, the entire student population and parents. CRU Institute had developed in-depth materials, including complete manuals and realistic videos. CRU Institute also offers adoption, family and Teacher-Teacher mediation.

We are a nonprofit organization created for the purpose of teaching mediation concepts and skills to youth and adults. Since 1987 our trainers have conducted Studetn and fAculty Mediation Training at hundreds of schools. Our materials and training are used by schools throughout the United States and in numerous other countries.

Diversity Training
CRU%a%s trainers represent many different cultures. Respecting differences is the core of CRU%a%s program. Understanding our multicultural world and learning to cooperate and work with others who are different from us is a primary part of effective conflict resolution. CRU has material outlining how to solve conflicts that stem from cultural differences.

ADR Practice Type: Mediation
Specialty Areas: Community
Languages: English, Spanish