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Cooperative Parenting Classes
We are proud to offer our Cooperative Parenting Series, an 8-week series of two hour sessions specifically designed for separated, divorcing, or divorced parents. Our Cooperative Parenting classes are an extension and elaboration of the standard parenting class that is typically required by the Family Court system, and are far more beneficial for parents in conflict, struggling to co-parent their children effectively. The course is led by professionals trained in conflict resolution and parenting techniques, and can be most helpful in changing dysfunctional patterns and developing new skill sets. The classes are offered at an affordable rate of $315/individual, or $535/couple for the entire eight week series and presented at convenient times. The fee includes a take-home copy of the workbook, “A Parent’s Guide to Effective Co-Parenting.”

Divorce and Post-Divorce
The Cooperative Parenting Classes are ongoing and rolling admission—couples or individuals can start whenever it is convenient, and we cycle through the eight week course so everyone gets the complete covered material. Each individual receives a certificate of completion, and we offer consultation with the family court or attorneys as requested. To make referrals or inquiries, please contact Todd Pisani, our Director of Operations, at (856) 795-0750, or email at To learn more about the services available at Your Center, please refer to our website to view the calendar of events and their descriptions.

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