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Abigail St. John, LLC

Lafayette, Colorado
Abigail St. John

POB 405
Lafayette, CO 80026

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Phone: 720.470.2990
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Abigail St. John, LLC
My purpose is to restore peace to conflicting parties through mediation and/or negotiation instead of the expensive cost of the ”Us vs Them” court system. In mediation each person has equal power and freedom to affect the resolution.

My experience stems from facilitating a round table of law enforcement for the State Department and South African personnel on "How to Build Trust Between Law Enforcement and Community" to who should pay for Q-tips (yes you read that right) Graduate of Iowa Corrections Academy, Law Enforcement, courts, prison system, Award-winning investigative reporter, uncovering employee theft

Areas of Expertise
Eldercare, Pastoral, Church disputes, Religious differences, Developmental Disabilities issues, Amish vs Englishers

If you are involved in a dispute and would like to feel empowered in affecting the outcome of the resolution contact me at 720.470.2990 or email:

ADR Practice Type: Mediation
Specialty Areas: Eldercare, Pastoral
Languages: English