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A Better Way To Divorce
Few experiences in life are as difficult as separation or divorce. Divorce presents challenges on every level: emotionally, legally and financially. You and your spouse can do battle in court, where a judge will decide the outcome, or you can work with your spouse in mediation to reach fair and reasonable solutions for the issues.

Negotiate, Don't Litigate!
In mediation, spouses work together with the help of a well-trained neutral mediator to reach agreement on the issues in their divorce. You and your spouse control the process and make the decisions. The role of the mediator is to facilitate communication, ensure fairness and civility, identify issues, encourage joint problem-solving, and commit agreements to writing. Mediation not only resolves legal issues; it promotes healing and helps couples transition into new roles as ex-spouses and co-parents. As a rule, parties are vastly more satisfied with agreements reached through mediation than with outcomes imposed by the court, children suffer less trauma when their parents mediate, and mediation costs are a fraction of the costs of litigation.

ADR Practice Type: Mediation, Collaborative Law
Specialty Areas: Custody, Divorce, Intra-Family, Marital Relationships, Pre-Nuptual, Post-Divorce
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