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Mary Joki Ebb, J.D.

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Mary Joki Ebb, JD
Mary Joki Ebb is the Founder and Principal of River Group Mediation Services. She has nearly 15 years experience mediating many different kinds of conflicts. She is trained in the transformative mediation model. Her education and training include: B.A. in English, College of St. Catherine; M.A. in Biblical Studies (ABT), International School of Theology; J.D., University of Oklahoma College of Law; Civil Mediation Training; Family Mediation Training; Continuing Education in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). Mary is a member in good standing of the Minnesota State Bar and is on the Minnesota Supreme Court's ADR Qualified Neutrals Roster.

What is Mediation?
Mediation is a conversation facilitated by a neutral, objective third party whose aim it is to help participants find a mutually acceptable solution to a conflict they have previously been unable to resolve.

Our Mediation Philosophy
We believe Conflict is normal. But resolving conflict is not always easy. At River Group Mediation Services, our objective is to create a respectful environment where differences can be explored and resolved while preserving the dignity and value of each participant. We understand that whatever brings you to mediation is difficult. We understand that life is hard .... and we also believe that once we truly understand and accept that life is hard, we can transcend its challenges and move forward with hope. We focus on the parties who are in conflict and provide a respectful process that demystifies conflict by making sure that each person is fully heard and understood. Clear communication and active listening are modeled and encouraged. We facilitate healthy conversation and express our confidence in the parties' abilities to find real and meaningful solutions. Sometimes we identify underlying beliefs and personal strategies that prevent resolution and help the parties find new ways of relating to one another. Our process also provides skills and tools for navigating future misunderstandings. We are trained in the Transformative Mediation Model. In the transformative model, the mediator's role is to support and help the parties discuss conflicts in the context of their relationship and choose how to resolve their differences in a mutually satisfying way.

"I recommend Mary to mediate your conflict. She will put all parties at ease and employ a straight line solution-oriented approach to the mediation process. Mary will work with absolute objectivity and fairness to find a creative resolution to your issue. Her integrity is beyond reproach." (Ann O'Keefe, Account Manager, Wyeth); Mary listens intently with empathy, curiosity and openness, asks deeply thoughtful, probing questions, offers balanced insights and suggestions and gives honest feedback that supports and challenges. She is not afraid to be completely frank. One can trust and value her counsel. (Kathleen Guimond, President, Can Do That, Inc.); "I have known Mary for several years, and have always been impressed by her honesty and integrity. Her background and personal qualities provide a solid foundation for mediation. She will interact with her clients in fairness and objectivity, striving to find equally beneficial solutions for the parties involved.” (Renate Skor, Prairie Oak Community Church)

ADR Practice Type: Mediation, Arbitration, Collaborative Law, Med-Arb, Meeting Facilitation, Team Building
Specialty Areas: Animal Issues, Business Relationships, Community, Custody, Divorce, Divorce TemporaryOrders, Eldercare, Employment, Intra-Family, General, Landlord Tenant, Marital Relationships, Neighbor Issues, Pastoral, Post-Divorce
Languages: English