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TD Mediation

Costa Mesa, California
Terri Duong

130 McCormick, Ste 103
Costa Mesa, CA 92868

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Phone: 714.206.2022
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Back Ground and Description
TD Mediation offers a wide range of dispute resolution services that include, but are not limited to the following matters: Landlord/Tenant, General Civil, Civil Harassment, Work Place, Neighbor/Neighbor, Accident, Commercial, Organizational, Business, and Real Estate. TD Mediation also provides customized education and training (basic and advanced) and staff development. Please visit our website for more information: or email me at


ADR Practice Type: Mediation
Specialty Areas: Animal Issues, Business Relationships, Community, Debt Resolution, Employment, Intra-Family, Landlord Tenant, Neighbor Issues, Post-Divorce, Real Estate
Languages: English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Portuguese