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What is Mediation?

Mediation is a conflict resolution process in which an impartial third party helps participants resolve their own dispute voluntarily and amicably.  The mediation is confidential unless the parties agree otherwise. Written agreements reached by the parties during mediation can be enforced by the courts.

Why Mediate?

  • Avoid high costs and time delays of ignoring or litigating conflict.
  • Open lines of communication.
  • Discuss issues in a comfortable, neutral environment.
  • Focus on your real needs and interests.
  • Explore and participate in the development of creative solutions.
  • Reach your own agreement without letting a judge decide for you.
  • Reduce hostility. This is especially important when you need to continue a working relationship with the other party, if children are involved, and/or long-term planning is required.

What Kinds Of Disputes Can Be Mediated?

Mediation is appropriate for almost any type of dispute. The most common areas include:

  • Divorce
  • Parenting Time, Parental Decision-making
  • Personal and family relationships 
  • Contracts 
  • Neighborhood
  • Workplace
  • Business relationships and partnerships
  • Real estate
  • Debt resolution
  • Landlord/Tenant

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