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Colorado Mediation Center Services

http://www.mediationnow.com/cmc/images/small%20blue%20arrow.gif Mediation

The Mediator helps participants resolve their own dispute voluntarily and amicably.

http://www.mediationnow.com/cmc/images/small%20blue%20arrow.gif Arbitration

The Arbitrator makes decisions and issues awards based on presentations by the parties.

http://www.mediationnow.com/cmc/images/small%20blue%20arrow.gif Mediation/Arbitration

Pursuant to an agreement of the participants, the Med-Arbiter can decide specific issues that the participants cannot resolve through mediation.


The Facilitator guides groups through a process for identifying strategies to reach common goals.

http://www.mediationnow.com/cmc/images/small%20blue%20arrow.gif Workplace Assessment

The Assessment Professional defines the root causes of workplace conflict and recommends appropriate interventions.

http://www.mediationnow.com/cmc/images/small%20blue%20arrow.gif Training (click here for more information)

The Trainer works with individuals or groups to learn about themselves and to develop skills to improve individual or group performance. Customized workshops and training programs relate to communications, conflict resolution and management, personality and teambuilding.

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